Malcolm Salter

March 31 2021

Mr. Salter has served as a director of the Company since February 2021.  Professor Salter is the James J. Hill Professor, Emeritus, at the Harvard Business School. Since joining the Harvard Business School faculty in 1967, his teaching and research has focused on issues of corporate strategy and governance. Professor Salter is author of Innovation Corrupted (Harvard University Press, 2008), which addresses the origins and legacy of Enron’s collapse; co-author of Changing Alliances (HBS Press, 1987), a comparative study of business-government-labor relations the U.S., Japanese, and German auto industries; Diversification through Acquisition (Free Press, 1979), a study of how real economic value can be created through corporate diversification; and many other articles and papers addressing, most recently, matters of corporate purpose and governance in a post-Covid world.  In addition to his scholarly activities, Professor Salter served as the School’s Senior Associate Dean for External Affairs, Chair of the Advanced Management Program and the International Senior Managers Program and Chair of the of the General Management Area.Professor Salter also served as president of Mars & Co., a strategy consulting firm with offices in Greenwich (CT), London, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Professor Salter is a graduate of Harvard University where he received his AB, MBA, and DBA degrees.