Marc Cohen

March 29 2021

In memoriam, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO Emeritus

Marc Cohen was a co-founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of NextRNA Therapeutics who passed away in June 2022. Marc was a pioneer who sought out and invested in innovative ideas with the goal of bringing transformative therapies to patients. Marc believed in the untapped potential of non-coding RNAs and how our approach could revolutionize the RNA therapeutic space. Marc’s passion and vision catalyzed the launch and early success of NextRNA.

Marc believed in “doing well by doing good,” and was known for his endless energy to translate novel ideas into medicines. The numerous biotechnology companies he founded over the course of his career are a testament to his passion for using his gifts to help advance breakthrough science to treatments for patients. In addition to co-founding NextRNA Therapeutics, Marc also co-founded and/or served in leadership roles at C4 Therapeutics, Frequency Therapeutics, Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Regenacy Pharmaceuticals, OncoPep, Mana Therapeutics, Dynamic Cell Therapies and AI Proteins. He also served as Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bublup, Inc., co-CEO, of Cobro Ventures, Inc., and co-founder and CEO of OPNET Technologies. Marc was also a long-time supporter of Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where he co-founded the Dana Farber Innovations Research Fund.